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Register now for the February 50 Doubles Race!

On Sunday, February 19th the K300 Race Committee will introduce a new event, the February 50 Doubles Race. Each team must have two mushers. Teams can choose to pull a second sled or have both racers ride on one sled. We're really excited about this new race and the opportunity it presents to involve some less experienced mushers.

One racer for each team must be at least 16 years old and should be an experienced musher. The second racer must be at least 10 years old but it is not required that they be a child. There is a 10 dog limit.

The race will start at 11:00 AM on the Kuskokwim River in front of Bethel. Trail details will be announced next week.

The February 50 Doubles Race is part of the Delta Championship Series!

This passenger appears to be too young to participate in the February 50 Doubles Race, but you get the idea!

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