Fr. Alexander Larson

Bib # 1

Larson Kennel - Napaskiak, AK - Age 58

Fr. Alexander has been mushing for 20 plus years, has 13 dog. He has run the Bogus numerous times and won it once.

Family: Helen, 3 girls, 2 boys, 6 grandchildren

Maurice Andrews

Bib #2

Glare Ice Kennels - Bethel - Age 36

Andrews has been mushing on and off since high school, has 35 dogs, won numerous races in 2017-2018, including Marshall and the 2018 Bogus Creek 150.

Family: Wife: Wendy

Parents: Mary and John Simon

Sons: Maurice Jr, Conar, Brandon, Ernie

Step Sons: Blaze and Braylon

John George

Bib #3

Tag-Along Kennel - Akiachak - Age 63

George has been mushing for 30 years. He has 18 dogs. George has run the Bogus 150 many times, including third place finishes in 1996, 1997, 1999, 2015, and 2018, a 2nd place finish in 2000, and a win in 2002. Has also run the Akiak Dash numerous times. 

Family: Mary, Kurtis, Katherine, Carolyn

Sponsorship: Akiachak Corporation, Village of Akiachak, his family

Jason Pavila

Bib #4

Bad River Kennel - Kwethluk - Age 16 

Jason has been mushing for 10 years, has 22 dogs. He is 2019 Bogus Creek 150 Champion and Rookie of the Year, has run the campout race, most of the local races, finished 4th in the 2018 Akiak Dash, and most recently came in 4th in the Holiday Classic.

Family: Olick and Pavila Families

Sponsors: Max Olick Sr.

Matt Scott

Bib #5

Double Haul Huskies - Bethel - age 40

Scott has been mushing for 8 years. He has run various local races, and 3 Bogus 150s, and last year’s K-300 where he won the Spirit of the Kuskokwim Award.

Family: Emily Tracy and Finley Scott

Ron Kaiser

Bib #6

Kaiser Racing Kennel - Bethel -  age 63

Ron Kaiser has been mushing for 40 years, has run 3 Bogus 150s including a 3rd place finish in 2011, has run 3 K-300s back in the 80s, and various sprint races, including the Akiak Dash.

Family: Janet, Pete, and Tillie

Ryan Jackson

Bib #7

Jackson Family Dog Mushing Kennel  Akiak- Age 29

Jackson has been mushing for over 10 years, has the run the Akiak Dash twice, finishing tenth and fifth, first race win in Akiachak in 2019.

Family: Cynthia, Taylor, Caleb, Mariana, Madison

Sponsors: Akiak Native Community