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The Delta Championship Series

The Delta Championship Series is a new, season-long competition in which racing kennels will be awarded points based on their finishing position in each K300 Race Committee sponsored event (excluding the K300 and Akiak Dash). Points will be tallied throughout the winter and the kennel with the most points at the end of the season will be crowned champion. 


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  • Because we encourage kennels to involve more people in the sport by utilizing multiple racers throughout the season, it will be kennels that enter the Delta Championship Series, not individual mushers. 

  • No additional registration is required. Once a kennel participates in a race they are entered in the Delta Championship Series for the season.

  • Kennels may of course enter multiple teams in any race but only one team can be eligible for Delta Championship Series points. Whichever of the kennel's teams places higher will be eligible for points, additional teams will not.



  • The top 10 teams in each race will receive points based on their finishing position. 

  • The 1st place team receives 10 points; 2nd place, 9 points and so on, with the 10th place finisher receiving 1 point. 

  • Points are accrued all season long and standings will be displayed on this page. 

  • If one kennel has two teams finish in the top 10, their second team receives no points. In that case the distribution of points will skip a place with the 11th place finisher receiving 1 point. 



  • Points will be awarded to the top 10 kennels in the following events:

    • The Season Opener - December 3rd

    • The Holiday Classic - December 17th

    • The Bogus Creek 150 - January 14th

    • The February 50 Doubles - February 18th

    • The 100 Mile Challenge - February 25th

    • The Campout Race - March 11th

  • A winner will be declared after the last race of the season. If conditions or weather don’t allow for the completion of all 6 races a winner will still be declared based on the results of those races that were completed when it’s determined that the racing season is over. 



  • 1st Place:

    • $5,000 feed order from Underdog Feeds​

    • $1,000 freight credit with Northern Air Cargo

  • 2nd Place:

    • $500 freight credit with Northern Air Cargo​

  • 3rd Place:

    • $250 freight credit with Northern Air Cargo​

*We expect to add more prizes for the Delta Championship Series soon!


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