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UPDATE on K300 Registration:

Unfortunately, after the race was postponed to February 12th, we learned that one of the facilities we’d secured for isolated musher housing during race week would no longer be available, leaving us with a shortage. In response, the Race Committee has decided to temporarily stop accepting new registrations from any team from outside the YK region, all of whom, according to our Covid Safety Protocols, are required to stay in isolated accommodations arranged and paid for by the K300.


We will continue to accept registrations from teams local to the YK Delta region who do not require housing.


Visiting teams who wish to be added to a waiting list should complete the registration form and pay the entry fee. They will be admitted to the race on a first come, first served basis as housing becomes available, either when other teams withdraw from the race or in the case that we are able to arrange new housing options.

A note about entry fees: Until January 13th the entry fee will remain at $400 and it will be refunded according to normal K300 policy; if the musher attends the pre-race musher meeting and starts the race. Beginning January 14th the registration fee will increase to $800 and is not refundable. Additionally, all entrants pay a $100 non-refundable K300 membership fee. If mushers sign up to be on the waiting list but are not admitted to the race, their fees will of course be refunded. Finally, as previously announced, if the race is canceled, all fees will be refunded to all mushers.

BEFORE REGISTERING for the 2021 K300, please be sure to read through the Special Covid-19 Policies that we have established for the protection of participants, volunteers and all Yukon-Kuskokwim communities. Compliance with these terms is mandatory for all mushers. 

To register, please complete the application first. You will prompted to the payment page after submitting your application.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact Race Manager, Paul Basile, at or (907) 545-3300


2021 Bogus creek 150 date changed to Saturday, January 23rd