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It's a tight race!

About 55 miles into the Bogus Creek 150, it's an incredibly tight race. Based on the tracker it appears that the top ten teams are still within 1.5 miles of each other. A trail reporter positioned where teams leave the Gweek River for the Yukon Trail just reported that Father Alexander Larson passed in first place, moments ago, with Jason Pavila hot on his heels, confirming what spectators saw on the tracker. Richie Diehl, Pete Kaiser, Ron Kaiser and Raymond Alexie are all in striking distance, though based on the tracker it's difficult to tell their current position.

Teams will now make there way back towards the halfway checkpoint at Hangar Lake via "Rocky's Trail". Front runners are expected to begin arriving some time after 6pm.

Here's some video footage of teams crossing the truck road near Akiak from K300 Board member, Jen Peeks.

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