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The spectator experience during the 42nd Annual K300 promises to be different in a number of ways, both for those watching the race in person and for those following along online. What follows is a guide for all spectators.

Mass Start:

This year the race will begin with a mass start at 6:30 PM on the river, near the mouth of the small boat harbor in Bethel. With no start chute, spectators will be spread out. All are encouraged to stay with their vehicle or snow machine. Follow parking instructions from volunteers who will be guiding traffic.

There will be no PA system and no emcee at the start. Instead, we encourage you to tune into KYUK for pre-race commentary and musher bios with none other than Beverly Hoffman and Colin McDonald.


In partnership with the Lower Kuskokwim School District and KYUK, we'll be sharing livestreams of the K300 start, Akiak Dash start and some top finishers as they reach the finish line. Additionally, as much as possible we'll provide occasional livestreams at the Bethel checkpoint and for as many race finishers as we can. All available at

GPS Trackers and Leaderboards:

All racers in the K300 and the Akiak Dash will be equipped with trackers. Follow the trackers and keep up with Leaderboards at

"Race Updates":

Throughout race week we'll be posting more in depth reports like the one you're reading in this space on the website. Find it under the "Updates" link on the homepage menu or go right here - These posts are always shared on facebook and twitter as well. You can also subscribe to get email notifications every time there's a new post.

Social Media:

Always check for the latest. We also post photos at


With a substantially smaller crew than usual, KYUK still plans to provide top to bottom coverage of the K300. Tune in to 640 AM or stream at for hourly updates, finish line interviews and much, much more.

The K300 Challenge:

Add a little excitement to your race weekend by playing the K300 Challenge! For $10, guess who you think will win, their elapsed time and how many dogs they'll have in harness at the finish line. Deadline for guesses - 6:30 PM on Friday, February 12!

Send us your photos:

Once again, we're asking race fans to share photos with us during the race. Email your pics to and some will find their way into our posts. Be sure to include your name in the body of the email so we can credit you!

Photo by Greg Lincoln

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