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Front of the pack arrives at Hangar Lake

The first teams have arrived at the Hangar Lake Checkpoint for their 4 hour layover. The top ten reached the halfway point in a span of just 22 minutes.

First in at 6:26 PM was Fr Alexander Larson, followed closely by Richie Diehl at 6:28, Ron Kaiser at 6:32, and Pete Kaiser at 6:33. Jason Pavila came in at 6:38, then came Raymond Alexie at 6:42. Jackie Larson arrived at 6:46, Jim George at 6:47, and both Isaac Underwood and Matt Scott at 6:48 with Isaac just 25 seconds ahead of Matt.

Each team is required to take a 4-hour layover at Hangar Lake. At 10:26 PM, Fr. Alexander Larson will be the first to head back out on the trail.

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