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Akiak Dash: All Mushers In to Akiak, First Seven Mushers Headed to Bethel

Victoria Hardwick arrived in Akiak at 4:57 pm.

Abby Klager arrived at 5:00 pm.

Greg Larson left Akiak at 5:02 pm.

Joe Demantle Jr. left right on Greg's paws at 5:03 pm.

Mike Williams Jr. left at 5:13 pm.

Isaac Underwood left at 5:17 pm.

Gilbert Phillip left at 5:17 pm.

Herman Phillip left at 5:20 pm.

Jackie Larson left at 5:22 pm.

It took the first Dash mushers about 2 hours exactly to get up to Akiak. With the first mushers leaving just after 5 pm, we're expecting a finish somewhere around 7 pm. Keep an eye on the GPS trackers to make sure to catch the Akiak Dash finish!

We expect to stream the finish via Facebook Live, either from the K300 Facebook page or from the Lower Kuskokwim School District page (if LKSD streams the finish, we will also share it from the K300 Facebook page). Stay tuned!

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