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2023 Bogus Creek 150 Recap

Raymond Alexie, of Kwethluk, continued his dominant streak, winning his third consecutive K300 Race Committee hosted event. Alexie arrived at the halfway point, the Bogus Creek Checkpoint, one minute behind defending champion, Pete Kaiser, of Bethel. 19 year-old Alexie passed Kaiser shortly after leaving the checkpoint then gradually pulled away during the run back to Bethel for the finish, where he ended up with a 27 minute lead.

During a finish line interview Kaiser commended his young competitor on a race well-run, going on to say that perhaps the "writing was on the wall" after Alexie's two recent and equally impressive wins.

Richie Diehl, of Aniak, finished third, followed by Jackie Larson, of Napaskiak. Ron Kaiser, Pete's father, rounded out the top five.

Many mushers commented on favorable trail conditions and excellent trail marking. While weather was pleasant for the start and finish, they did face a brief overnight snowstorm that slowed the trip home to Bethel.

17 year-old Colton Napoka, of Tuluksak, took home the Rookie of the Year award, finishing his first competitive race in 13th place with a big smile. He was followed by two cousins, Leighton Wassilie and Red Lantern winner Henry Napoka. The trio was greeted at the finish line by a big and enthusiastic crowd of friends and relatives.

For the win Alexie notched another 10 points in the season-long Delta Championship Series. With Kaiser expected to miss late season Kuskokwim races while occupied with that other race, Alexie is in a commanding position halfway through the six-race series.

Full Results, GPS Tracker replay and more are available at

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Next up for the K300 Race Committee:

The 44th Annual Kuskokwim 300 starts at 6:30 PM on Friday, January 27.

The Akiak Dash starts at 2:00 PM on Saturday, January 28.

Raymond Alexie with his leaders at the Bogus Creek 150 finish line.

Results summary (full results here):

Delta Championship Series Standings:

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