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Very Close Race as top teams advance towards Aniak

Good morning race fans. It's been an exciting night on the Kuskokwim so let's try to get you up to speed on the action.

Jason Pavila was the first team to the Kalskag Checkpoint, having led the pack for most of the race to that point. But several teams were hot on his trail. At this point, most teams have left Kalskag, on their way to Aniak. 4 Kuskokwim mushers - Father Alexander Larson, Richie Diehl, Pete Kaiser and Jason Pavila - lead the way, in that order, with Joar Leifseth Ulsom close behind Pavila. But it's important to note that Pavila took 3 hours of rest while those others took only 2.

Racers must take a total of 6 hours of rest between Kalskag (outbound), Aniak and Kalskag (inbound) and they can split that rest any way they choose. As each musher applies their own strategy, it's still very difficult to tell who is in the most commanding position. Matthew Failor took 3 hours in Kalskag while Aaron Burmeister and Eddie Burke, Jr. are back on the trail after taking 4 hours at the checkpoint. The picture will start becoming clearer after teams take rest in Aniak.

For now, Father Alexander Larson leads the pack into Aniak, with his arrival there expected very soon.

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