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Things are hopping in (and out of) Aniak!

Following Jeff King out of Aniak, we have Kaiser out of Aniak in second place at 3:23 with 11 dogs. Next left Richie Diehl at 3:32 with 12 dogs. Behind him: Tony Browning out at 3:35 with 8 dogs, then Joar Leifseth Ulsom at 3:36 with 7 dogs, Matt Failor at 3:39 with 9 dogs; Will Rhodes out at 3:43 with 8 dogs.

We also have some new mushers in to Aniak. Lance Mackey arrived in Aniak at 2:52 with 11 dogs, Nic Petit at 3:02 with 11 dogs, Matt Hall at 3:02:10 with 11 dogs, Joanna Jagow at 3:04 with 12 dogs.

Lanier, Schlosser and Kananowicz still on the trail headed towards Aniak.

Please remember: the K300 Leaderboard has the official results.

Please enjoy some images from the Aniak Checkpoint courtesy of Dave Cannon and the Aniak Checkpoint crew! Amazing pics, great job in Aniak! Mushers pictured arriving in Aniak are: Smyth, Turner, Drobny, Mackey, Hall, Jagow, Beals.

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