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The Campout Race Returns!

For the first time since at least 2018, the K300 Race Committee is poised to host the beloved Campout Race. Teams will take off from Bethel (not racing) on Saturday, March 26th at 11am, near the small boat harbor. They will travel approximately 45 miles from Bethel up the Gweek River to the established campsite. At 11am on Sunday, the race begins with teams racing from the campsite back to Bethel.

Mushers, please review the rules (below) and register by Thursday 3/24 using this short form -

Campout Race Rules

1. The event will begin at 11AM Saturday March 26th near the mouth of the Bethel Small Boat Harbor.

2. Dog teams and camp crews will travel up (not race) to a pre-determined camping spot, approximately 45 miles up the Gweek River from Bethel

3. Eight-dog limit; five dogs must be in harness at the end of the race. Teams will be able to drop dogs at the camp spot, and a designated spot along the trail. Dogs may not be added to a team after the Saturday start.

4. The race will start on Sunday March 27th from camp at 11AM. Teams will line up in the order in which they arrived in camp the previous day. (The first team to arrive in camp will be the first team on the trail, etc.)

5. General passing rules apply. No Man’s Land will be marked by a sign about 2 miles from the finish.

6. No pacing by snowmachine.

7. Excessive use of alcohol by mushers or handlers is not permitted.

8. The race purse will be $20,000 paid to the top 15 finishers.

9. Participants must be K300 Race Committee members ($100 annual membership) and be fully vaccinated against Covid-19. All handlers and support crew must all be fully vaccinated.

*Please note that we do not have permission to camp on Akiachak Corporation land, so please make sure that all campsites stay on the Gweek River. All teams and campers must clean up after themselves when leaving the campsite.

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