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Register now for the Holiday Classic

It's time for another exciting day of mushing on Kuskokwim! The Holiday Classic is scheduled to start this Saturday, December 18th at 11:00 AM. The current plan is for the race to start on the river, near the mouth of the small boat harbor. The race will head upriver on the Kuskokwim, then the Gweek where mushers will come to a turnaround and head back to the finish on the same trail. The route will be about 50 miles. Further details will be announced with a race preview on Friday, December 17th.

With snow, wind and warming temperatures in the forecast for later this week the K300 Race Committee will be keeping a close eye on weather and trail conditions as race day approaches. If there is any schedule change it will be announced Thursday or early Friday.

Mushers must register by midnight Thursday using this form -

As a reminder, all mushers, handlers, K300 staff and volunteers are required to be fully vaccinated. Mushers must send proof of their vaccination at the time of registration.

At this time the K300 Race Committee projects an across the board purse reduction of 10% for all races this season. The Holiday Classic purse is set at $18,000.

Race Rules:

1. The race will be a mass start at 11:00 AM, exact location TBD.

2. Eight dog limit.

3. No dropped dogs.

4. General passing rules apply. When any team approaches to within 50 feet of another team, the team behind has the immediate right of way upon demand. The racer ahead must stop their dogs and hold them to the best of their ability for a maximum of one minute or until the other team has passed, whichever occurs first. The passed team must remain behind at least 15 minutes before demanding the trail. The race officials may penalize a team if this rule is violated. “No Man’s Land” will be marked by two K300 stakes about a mile from the finish.

5. No pacing by snow machine. There may be an official snow machine pacing the field in the early part of the trail to show all teams the proper trail, and also perhaps at other points on the trail as needed.

6. Mushers must be a current member of the K300 to participate in this race. Membership may be purchased for $100.

Photo by Olivia Ebertz

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