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Last 3 K300 Champions first into Tuluksak, minutes apart

Only 15 minutes separate the first three teams into Tuluksak. Pete Kaiser (2020 Champ) arrived first at 11:31pm, followed by Richie Diehl (2021 Champ) at 11:44pm and Matt Failor (2019 Champ) at 11:46. It's going to be a three team race of champions to Bethel!

All teams will now settle in for their mandatory 4-hour rest in Tuluksak before heading downriver to the finish under a clear, starry sky on this cold night. Kaiser will leave at 3:31am, Diehl at 3:44am and Failor at 3:46am.

Travis Beals and Joar Leifseth-Ulsom are expected at Tuluksak next, both of them about 4 miles out from the checkpoint.

Keep your eye on the tracker and look for Facebook updates on the race throughout the night - it's going to be a good one!

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