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K300 Mid-Day Race Updates

It's been an exciting morning in Bethel and up and down the Kuskokwim, as 12 teams have finished so far. Pete Kaiser was able to claim his sixth championship and many other teams have had a strong showing in a fast-paced and impressive race.

So far, the finishers are

1. Pete Kaiser at 7:59 AM

2. Matthew Failor at 8:15 AM

3. Richie Diehl at 8:19 AM

4. Travis Beals at 8:46 AM

5. Joar Leifseth-Ulsom at 8:49 AM

6. Cim Smyth at 9:01 AM

7. Aaron Burmeister at 10 AM

8. Jason Pavila at 10:26 AM

9. Gabe Dunham at 10:28 AM

10. Father Alexander Larson at 10:36 AM

11. Sam Brewer at 10:39 AM

12. Eddie Burke, Jr. at 11:22 AM

Lev Shvarts is on the Gweek making his way toward Bethel and Isaac Underwood is currently about 12 miles behind him. Nate DeHaan is in Tuluksak resting until 1:04 PM at the earliest. John Snyder is up on Bogus Creek on his way to Tuluksak.

Aaron Burmeister after his 7th place finish at 10 AM

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