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K300 Aniak Race Marshal Report.

Good Evening from the Aniak Checkpoint.

We just wrapped up an incredibly busy day here.  The teams came in neck and neck starting shortly after noon.  Its been many years since we’ve had this many teams in the checkpoint at a particular time. 15 teams were here resting between 12:00 noon and 3:00 pm.

Reports that the trail around whitefish lake had come in.  A bit breezy and rough.  Most finished their mandatory break here in Aniak. Although Jeff King was the first one out of Aniak, Pete Kaiser was in the lead as Jeff still needed to put in another hour in Kalskag on the inbound to Bethel.  Aniak’s own Richie Diehl was out 9 minutes later.

A special thanks to all the community members in Aniak for bringing delicious pot luck food and a special thanks to all the volunteers who handled all the teams coming in and out in such a speedy manner.  We had a bon fire burning out side the community hall.  We had activities for many of the kids in Aniak to keep things exciting for the youth.  We had a nice relaxing environment for the mushers to rest while laying over whether they were e napping or having conversation with community members.  We had many visitors from the Bethel Area as the snow conditions and temperatures have been better than they have been in years providing a nice ice road all the way here.

The last musher Jim Lanier left at 8:40 pm. No-one scratched.  No one spent the night.  Again it was one of the tightest races I’ve ever seen in my 10 years of working the Aniak checkpoint.

Of the 34 dropped dogs we received in the checkpoint, 24 will fly back to Bethel tomorrow.  There others were picked up by vehicle or by plane earlier today.

Thanks to all the volunteers who may the Aniak Checkpoint a success.  Thanks to sponsors who helped with the food and supplies.

Erich Henry Kuball

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