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Incredible Purse for Bogus 150 Mushers!

The results of the adjusted purse for the 2020 Bogus 150 mushers has been calculated, and seven mushers are going home quite a bit richer than when they entered the race.

1st Place: Winner Matt Scott will take home $11,946 for his first place finish. Matt's team is featured in the photo below on the left and Matt is shown on the photo on the right.

2nd Place: Ron Kaiser brings home $10,421. Think he'll keep it or share it with his son, K300 Pete Kaiser, whose dogs he was mushing?

3rd Place: Jason Pavila will take home $8,446.

4th Place: Fr. Alexander Larson (in middle photo below) wins $7,746.

5th Place: John George earns $7,346.

6th Place: Ryan Jackson takes home $7,146.

7th Place: Maurice Andrews wins $6,946.

A bit of trivia: The Bogus 150 seventh-place finisher won nearly as much as the winner of last weekend's Copper Basin 300, who took home $7,000 for winning that 300-mile race. Our K300 races are boasting some fantastic purses for mushers!

The purse recalculation is based on the number of mushers who finished the race, which were fewer than the purse originally planned for- and all seven teams that started the Bogus 150 did finish- resulting in some substantial prize money for all seven mushers. Congratulations!

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