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Halfway Point Reports!

We have one musher who has left the Halfway Point located in Bethel: Petit left first at 1:03 pm. Ten mushers remain in Bethel while five mushers are spread out across the approximate 43 miles between Bethel and the (near) Tuluksak checkpoint. The 2021 K300 Halfway Point is located near the Bethel Fitness Center.

The first musher who arrived into the checkpoint was Richie Diehl at 9:35 a.m., followed by Nic Petit and then Pete Kaiser. It took Richie Diehl 15 hours and 5 minutes to traverse the route back to Bethel. By arriving first, he is the winner of a $1,000 credit good at any AC Co. store- courtesy of K300 Major Partner Alaska Commercial Co.

Fr. Alexander Larson had the fastest time from Tuluksak to the Bethel Halfway Point with only 3 hours and 52 minutes spent on that span of the trail.

The checkers at the checkpoint near Tuluksak will receive heavy musher traffic this year, with teams passing through a total of four times as a result of the 2021 altered route. To follow along with this year's route, you can visit this post with all the details about the trail description:

It is a relatively warm, near-20-degree day today here in Bethel with a 10 mph wind coming from the north- not too bad for this windy region. With the race postponed to mid-February, mushers are also enjoying nearly 9 hours of daylight.

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