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Greg Larson nabs victory in final mile of Season Finale

Mike Williams, Jr. led the pack through almost all of this weekend's 50 miler, but Greg Larson never gave up the chase. Both mushers kicked furiously in the final miles of the race, doing all they could to help their teams to victory. In the last mile, between the bottom end of Straight Slough and the finish line, Larson caught Williams and claimed the win by a margin of only 8 seconds. It was the closest finish and a fitting end to the K300 season.

Photos by K300, Michelle DeWitt and Jen Peeks.

1 - teams head upriver after a single file mass start

2 - Mike Williams, Jr. and Greg Larson at the finish line

3 - Robert Charle, Jr. finishing in 4th place

4 - Greg Larson, near the bluffs above Bethel, giving chase

5 - Mike Williams, Jr. kicking to hold on to the lead

Full Results:

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