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First report from Tuluksak

Nic Petit was the first into Tuluksak #1 at 10:48 PM, followed closely by Richie Diehl, Isaac Underwood and Father Alexander Larson. Dave Turner rounded out the top five, followed by Jeff King, Aaron Peck, Matthew Failor, Jessica Klejka and Pete Kaiser. At this time, all 16 teams have passed through or at least checked in at Tuluksak #1.

Full leaderboard with times available here.

As teams make their way up to the turnaround near Bogus Creek, it appears that Nic Petit, Richie Diehl and Isaac Underwood are running very close together at the front of the pack. The turnaround point is not a checkpoint and we only expect very limited communication from there.

After the turnaround they'll return down the same trail towards Tuluksak #2.

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