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Bogus Creek 150 Preview - More Changes

The 2022 Bogus Creek 150 will begin tomorrow morning, February 19th, at 10:00 AM. This event seems determined to do nothing as planned, but we are still excited for what is sure to be a competitive and exciting race weekend.

A New Route:

Today, trail breakers discovered deep and widespread overflow on the Tuluksak River, Little Bogus Creek and most severely, on Big Bogus Creek. They determined that the trail was impassable and unlikely to improve before race time. As this report is being typed, our crew is working hard to mark a new trail that will bypass the village of Tuluksak and the entire Bogus Creek area. Instead, the trail will continue on the Kuskokwim River to a turnaround point that will be about the same approximate mileage as the traditional Bogus Creek checkpoint location. A huge thanks to our incredibly committed crew - Todd Fredericks, Dr. Liz Bates and Jeffery Phillip. The new route map is pictured below.

The Start:

Mushers are required to be present for the pre-race musher meeting at 9:00 AM at the start line. The race will begin with a mass start at exactly 10:00 AM. An area at the start line has been cleared of deep snow and an entrance to this area has been cut through the berm alongside the upriver ice road. Access to this area is meant for mushers and handlers only. Spectators, with so much snow and only a narrow road, it might be tricky down there with a truck - we recommend going to the start line by snow machine.


We plan to livestream the start and each racer's finish at Cold weather and connectivity issues sometimes undermine our efforts but please tune in - we'll do our best.


All Bogus Creek 150 mushers will have GPS trackers during the race - follow them here.


As always, KYUK will be providing regular updates throughout the race. Locally, tune in at 640 AM or online at They air their updates 6 minutes after the hour, every hour.

Leaderboards and updates:

The halfway point (near Bogus Creek) will be the only checkpoint and communications will be limited. Still, we will provide updates to the leaderboards as frequently as possible.

A note for travellers:

For anyone planning to follow the race by snow machine, whether as a volunteer, handler or spectator, be prepared for very deep snow. Our trailbreakers report that some areas have as much as 4 feet of snow. Follow the marked trail, travel with a group and bring a shovel.

The Trail: (will be updated on the tracker display tomorrow morning!)

The Mushers:

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