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Akiak Dash Updates!

We have times for the first eleven mushers in to Akiak! All mushers have 7 dogs.

Greg Larson was first in to Akiak at 4:02 pm. Greg is pictured below in a past Akiak Dash win.

Joe Demantle Jr. was right on Greg's heels (paws?) at 4:03.

Mike Williams Jr. arrived at 4:13.

Herman Phillip arrived at 4:17.

Isaac Underwood at 4:17.

Gilbert Phillip at 4:17.

Jackie Larson at 4:22.

Kurtis George at 4:33.

Solomon Olick at 4:34.

Tony Fitzpatrick at 4:37.

Nicholas Ayapan at 4:41.

These mushers rest in Akiak for one hour, so Greg could be the first musher to head back to Bethel starting at 5:02 pm.

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