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2022 Kuskokwim 300 Preview

It's race day, folks! At 6:30pm 16 teams will start on their journey up the Kuskokwim. It's a bright, cold day and Bethel is buzzing with anticipation!

It will be a traditional K300 start with mushers leaving two at a time from the start line on the river, near First National Bank Alaska. Emcees Myron and Andy Angstman will provide commentary.

From the start mushers travel upriver to Straight Slough, then they'll hug the left bank continuing upriver until they get on the Gweek River. The following section of trail is a bit different this year. Teams will travel on the Gweek for approximately 10-11 more miles then travel on an overland trail behind the villages of Akiachak and Akiak. Below Tuluksak they'll return to the Kusko then pass through the traditional Tuluksak Checkpoint.

From there the K300 follows its traditional route through Bogus Creek then on to Kalskag. From Kalskag they will travel on the river to Aniak with the Whitefish Lake loop after the checkpoint, as they begin their way back downriver. After the loop they'll rejoin the river trail above Kalskag then follow the same route downriver to Bethel from there.

We expect the livestream of the start, presented by KYUK and the Lower Kuskokwim School District, to begin at about 6:15 PM. See it at

Photo sharing: We love to share spectator photos from the trail! Please send yours to

Fireworks will begin about 15 minutes after the last musher leaves the chute.

A reminder concerning Checkpoints - inside areas are accessible only to mushers and K300 volunteers assigned to that post.

Akiak Dash fans - we'll be posting a preview and racer info tonight! That race begins tomorrow, Saturday at 2pm.

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