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2021 Bogus Creek 150, Dedicated to Joe Demantle, Jr., starts tomorrow

At noon on Saturday, January 30th, 17 teams will take to the trail in the 2021 Bogus Creek 150. The race will begin with a mass start on the river in front of Bethel, near the mouth of the small boat harbor.

This year the Bogus Creek 150 will be run in honor of Joe Demantle, Jr., long time Tuluksak musher and supporter of the Kuskokwim 300, who passed away last week. Demantle was a fixture in Kuskokwim dog mushing for decades. K300 Chairman Myron Angstman wrote this tribute earlier this week.

The 2021 Race will follow an alternate route with the mid-way checkpoint located at Hangar Lake in Bethel. Racers will travel upriver from the start in Bethel to the Gweek River then continue to the Akiachak portage trail. They'll take that past Akiachak and continue on the river to Akiak. A couple of miles above Akiak they will turn left onto the overland trail back to the Gweek where they'll pick up the Yukon trail and then take Rocky's trail back to Bethel. After a 4-hour layover at Hangar Lake, teams will travel the same route in reverse.

Spectators are welcome during the Bogus Creek 150 but encouraged to stay with household groups or "bubbles" and with vehicles or snow machines. If leaving your group, masks are required as well as proper social distancing - keep a minimum of 6 feet apart.

Bib Numbers are as follows:

This race will be conducted in much the same way as our two recent races. Covid-19 safety protocols, listed below, are still in effect.

Covid-19 Safety Protocols for 2020-21 Local Races

These policies have been established by the K300 Race Committee in order conduct the 2020-21 race season while limiting the risk of further spreading Covid-19 in YK Delta communities. Compliance is mandatory for all mushers and handlers. The Race Committee may penalize or disqualify any participant who violates these safety policies.

1. REGISTRATION: Mushers are required to register in advance, details listed above. Any musher who shows up at the start line without registering beforehand may be excluded.

2. VILLAGE RESTRICTIONS: Each musher is required to comply with whatever specific travel restrictions may be in place in their home communities at the time of the race. If permission is required to leave the village to race, each musher must get that permission. If traveling to Bethel for essential services is not permitted, participants should not go anywhere other than the start/finish line. If travel for the race is not permitted by their home community, the musher will not be able to participate in the race.

3. HANDLERS: Racers are encouraged to participate without any handlers but we urge all to keep their support crew as small as possible. All handlers must be part of the musher’s household or “bubble” and must also have travel permission from their home village, if required.

4. SOCIAL DISTANCING: In order to maintain social distancing, all mushers and handlers are required to stay with their truck or snow machine at all times while at the start/finish line and checkpoint. There can be no contact between teams. There will be no exceptions to this rule and mushers may be penalized for the misconduct of their support crew.

5. SPECTATORS: Are urged to stay with their vehicle or snow machine, wear masks and practice proper social distancing.

6. PARKING: Teams are required to park in marked, designated places at the start/finish line, which will correspond to bib numbers. Race organizers will provide direction as needed.

7. BIBS: Each parking spot will be provided with a race bib which mushers are required to wear during the race. Numbers will be assigned during registration.

8. TRAIL DETAILS: Race rules and trail details will be published at and on the K300 Facebook page a day or two before the race.

9. MONEY: Prize money will be distributed by mail a few days after the race. Entry fees will be deducted from prize money. There will be no exchange of cash or checks at the start/finish line.

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