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100 Mile Challenge set for Saturday February 22nd

This Saturday, teams are invited to participate in the annual "100 Mile Challenge" sled dog race, sponsored by the K300 Race Committee. The race will start on the river at 9am - trail details will be announced in the coming days. Teams must start the race with no more than 8 dogs and finish with no less than 5. Dogs may be dropped only at the midway checkpoint, where teams will take a mandatory 2-hour layover. Mushers are encouraged to review a full outline of race rules below.

The purse for this race is $29,000 to be distributed as follows:

1 - $3,300

2 - $3,050

3 - $2,850

4 - $2,650

5 - $2,450

6 - $2,300

7 - $2,050

8 - $1,850

9 - $1,650

10 - $1,500

11 - $1,350

12 - $1,200

13 - $1,050

14 - $900

15 - $850

Photo by Tanya Mutton

2020 100 Mile Challenge Race Rules

1. The 100-mile race begins at 9:00 AM in Bethel, Alaska on Saturday February 22, 2020.

2. Racers must begin the race with no more than 8 dogs and complete the race with no fewer than 5 dogs.

3. Racers may drop dogs from their team during the race, but only at the mid-way checkpoint. Dropped dogs may not be put back in the team. The Race Committee will not provide transportation for any dropped dogs. Racers must make arrangements for transportation and care of drop dogs.

4. Racers must sign in with the official checker at the layover checkpoint and declare how many dogs will be dropped.

5. Racers must take a mandatory 2-hour layover at the mid-way checkpoint of the race.

6. General passing rules apply. The race officials may penalize a team if this rule is violated. “No Man’s Land” will be marked by a sign about two miles from the finish line.

7. Racers must follow the marked and/or broken race trail. Leaving the marked and/or broken trail is not allowed.

8. No pacing by snow machine. There may be a snow machine pacing the field in the early part of the trail to show all teams the proper trail, and also perhaps at other points on the trail as needed.

9. Mushers must be a current member of the K300 to participate in this race. Membership may be purchased by sponsoring a K300 mile for $100.

10. All litter must be properly disposed of at checkpoint and may not be left along the trail.

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