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Season Opener Recap: Alexie's streak continues

Seventeen teams raced from Bethel to Atmautluak and back over a soft and slow trail yesterday in the K300 Race Committee's Season Opener. The 32 mile race was considerably slower than usual due to the substantial amount of fresh snow that has fallen in recent days. But don't get us wrong, you'll never hear anyone associated with the K300 complaining about snow!

Raymond Alexie continued his unbeaten streak, winning his 8th consecutive K300 sponsored race. He had elapsed time of 3 hours and 22 minutes and was followed by his father, Harry Alexie, who was just 6 minutes behind in second place. Kennether Snyder had an impressive run finishing in third place with an elapsed time of 3 hours and 35 minutes. All 17 racers completed the route and a total of $25,000 was paid out to the top 15 finishers. Full results below.

Up next... The Holiday Classic on Saturday, December 23rd! REGISTER NOW HERE!

Photos by MaryCait Dolan (KYUK)

Mass Start of the Season Opener

Raymond Alexie approaching the finish line.


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