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K300 Challenge Winner and Auction results

Stephen Maxie, of Napaskiak, is the sole winner of the first ever "K300 Challenge". Maxie guessed that Richie Diehl would win the race with an elapsed time of 36 hours, 58 minutes and 45 seconds. No tie-break was necessary after considering the first two fields so guesses for the number of dogs in harness at the finish didn't come in to play. We received 96 valid guesses. At $10 each the pot totaled $960 with half, $480, going to Maxie. When we called to notify him that he won, Maxie said, "Woo hoo! I knew that Richie could do it!"

K300's first ever online auction raised $7,880. Thank you to donors and winning bidders for your support of the Kuskokwim 300! Thanks also to Colin McDonald and Jen Peeks for all their work making the online auction a reality.

Full Auction Results:

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