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Recap: Who's still out there?

The mushers have been coming in fast and furious this morning. We've had 9 teams cross the line so far, most recently Tony Browning at 11:11 with 5 dogs.

So who's coming in next?

Will Rhodes is nearing Steamboat Slough. Aaron Burmeister and Aaron Peck are just leaving the Gweek and onto the Kuskokwim. Nic Petit is in Akiak, with Paige Drobny and Joanna Jagow a few miles behind. Travis Beals left Tuluksak at 10:45 with 6 dogs, and Dakota Schlosser left at 11:18 with 8 dogs. Still in Tuluksak are Dennis Kananowicz, Jim Lanier, Matt Hall, and Lance Mackey.

It promises to be an exciting afternoon!

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