Please read this before registering for the 2022 K300


Covid-19 and the K300:

Policies and Guidelines



These special rules have been established by the K300 Race Committee with input from health advisors and community members concerned with Covid-19 safety. They have been implemented to ensure the safety of Yukon-Kuskokwim (YK) region residents and K300 participants. Compliance with these rules is mandatory for all racers.

COVID-19 Vaccination Policy

(announced 9/24/21)


Effective immediately, the K300 Race Committee will require all employees, volunteers, mushers and handlers to be fully vaccinated against COVID-19. At this time, to be fully vaccinated means that two weeks have passed since the final shot in the individual’s vaccination course (2 shots for the Pfizer or Moderna vaccine, 1 shot for Johnson & Johnson). This definition may change to include booster shots as recommendations change and availability expands.



Current employees are expected to be fully vaccinated no later than October 15, 2021. Future hires must be fully vaccinated within one month of the date of hire. Each employee shall provide a copy or photo of their vaccination card for internal K300 records.



All K300 volunteers working in any role that involves interaction with the public are required to be fully vaccinated. There are a small number of volunteer duties that can be performed remotely, from home. Any unvaccinated individual interested in one of these positions must indicate that desire when they sign up. All other volunteers will be required to provide a copy or photo of their vaccination card in advance and should also carry proof of vaccination while volunteering.


Mushers and Handlers:

Anyone participating in any 2021-2022 K300 Race Committee event as a musher or handler must be fully vaccinated. This includes the Kuskokwim 300, The Bogus Creek 150, The Akiak Dash and all other “local races”.


Kuskokwim 300 and Bogus Creek 150 Mushers and Handlers:

Proof of vaccination for mushers and their handlers should be provided at the time of registration. If a Kuskokwim 300 or Bogus Creek 150 musher is not vaccinated at the time of registration but intends to get vaccinated later, proof of full vaccination must be provided at least two weeks before the race. Likewise, if a musher does not know who their handler(s) will be at the time of registration they must provide names and proof of vaccination at least two weeks before the race. Racers and handlers should also carry proof of vaccination when traveling to Bethel. Any musher registering within two weeks of the race date is required to provide proof of vaccination for themselves and handlers at the time of registration.


The Akiak Dash and Local Races:

Mushers participating in local races must provide proof of vaccination when registering for their first race of the season. If possible, proof of vaccination should also be provided for handlers. Since a musher may have different helpers from one race to the next all helpers must carry proof of vaccination to each event and should expect to show it to a race official at the start line.




  • Pre-travel testing for visitors: All mushers, handlers and race volunteers must provide proof of a negative Covid test (preferably PCR) taken within 72 hours of travel to Bethel. Results should be sent to or 907-544-1300.

  • Visiting mushers and handlers: Upon arrival in Bethel, all mushers and handlers will be provided with an at-home rapid test kit, which includes two tests. One test is to be performed immediately and the second must be performed the day before the race (Thursday 1/27). Both tests must be photographed within 10 minutes and photos sent to or 907-544-1300. Results for tests taken the night before the race must be sent by 3pm, before the pre-race musher meeting.

  • Local mushers and handlers: In Bethel, mushers must get tested at YKHC on Monday 1/24, 11:30am - 1:30pm (a PCR test is preferred but we understand they may not be available). For those who are not able to access testing in Bethel on Monday, you must get tested that day at your local clinic. Send results to or (907)-544-1300. Additionally, at-home rapid test kits will be provided for testing the day before the race. Rapid test results must be photographed within 10 minutes and photos sent to or 907-544-1300 by 3pm, before the pre-race musher meeting.

  • Volunteers working in any indoor location (including checkpoints): Are required to have a negative rapid test within 24 hours of travel from Bethel and/or volunteer service. At-home tests will be provided by K300 as needed. Please send results to or 907-544-1300.

If you feel ill or are experiencing symptoms consistent with Covid-19 we urge you to not travel to Bethel, even if you have a recent negative test.


Registration fees will be refunded for any musher who cannot race because of a positive test or because they have symptoms consistent with Covid-19 


While in Bethel:


There is currently a mask mandate in effect in the City of Bethel. All mushers and other visitors are required to comply. Read the details here.


We anticipate that mushers may have questions or concerns about the many modifications we are making to our race week program. Please bear in mind that our plans are evolving and subject to change, particularly as the circumstances of the pandemic change. We're doing the best we can to protect our community and those around us and still find a way to have a race. That being said, please don't hesitate to call Paul Basile, Race Manager, at (907) 545-3300.